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Data Stewards

A Data Steward is a university official assigned direct operational responsibility by an executive officer over one or more types of institutional data. Data Stewards review requests for access to data under their authority and assign access rights.

View the List of Departmental Data Stewards to determine the Data Steward for your area. (NOTE: Authentication required.)

Security Administrators

The University's central administrative systems include the Banner ERP, Banner Workflow and Imaging and the COGNOS Reporting system. For access to these systems, please contact your departmental security administrator.

View the list of Departmental Security Administrators to determine the Security Administrator for your department.

Security Administrator Tools

Guest Account Creation

This process should be invoked whenever a Kent State University Guest Account is required for a visiting guest.

View the process for Requesting Guest Accounts

Information For Security Administrators

Prior to gaining access to any of the University's administrative systems, a user must have read and signed a Data Confidentiality Agreement.

A user must have a FlashLine user name before access can be granted to the Banner system. If the user does not have or does not know his or her FlashLine user name, contact the Client Services Helpdesk at 330-672-HELP (4357) or 2-HELP (on-campus) for assistance.

Procedures for gaining access to Banner vary by the major functional areas (HR, Finance, etc..) of the ERP. 

Access to Banner Production mode

To request access to Banner Production, please use the Banner Security WorkflowPlease note: This workflow is only for production access to Banner INB.  

Access to Banner INB Test Mode

Access to Banner test instances should continue to utilize the standard forms below. Use these forms to find more information related to the system to which you are requesting access:

  • Advancement - Complete a Request for Banner ADV Access form (see included instructions). Inquiries shall be directed to Kathleen Abel, data steward for University Relations and Institutional Advancement, at 330-672-3049.
  • Finance - Complete a Request for Banner Finance Access form (see included instructions). Inquiries shall be directed to Tammy Slusser, University Comptroller, at 330-672-8328.
  • HR and Payroll - Complete a Request for Banner HR Access form (see included instructions). Inquiries shall be directed to Tia Laughlin HRIS, Records, and Support Services, at 330-672-3047.
  • Student - Complete a Request for Banner Student Access form (see included instructions). Inquiries regarding access shall be directed to Barbara Boltz, Project Director for Shared Services, at 330-672-1306.
  • Student Financial Aid - Access is requested using the Request for Banner Student Access form.  Inquiries regarding access shall be directed to Steven Minnich, Student Financial Aid System.

Banner Security Configuration Control Forms

The following forms are used by Data Stewards to create/modify Banner classes and security groups:

Access to COGNOS

Access to the COGNOS report server is handled through the following COGNOS Access forms:

Inquiries regarding access shall be directed to Cognos Support, at

Salesforce Access

To obtain access to Salesforce, submit a request through the following Salesforce Access Process. (NOTE: Authentication required.)

Handshake Access

Complete a Handshake Access Request form to gain access to Handshake (useful for anyone assisting students around experiential learning and for those hiring on campus student employees)., 330-672-2360.

Advising Support

KSU Advising Access

Complete a Request for KSU Advising Access form to grant access to KSU Advising. The form allows for new, additional, and removal of access to this application.  KSU Advising is the note, appointment, and referral system for advisors and resource offices on campus for students. Inquiries regarding access should be directed to Douglas Nehez, 330-672-6300 ( or Charity L. Miller, 330-672-5333 (

Assigned Advisor Access

Complete a Request for Assigned Advisor Access form to grant access to the Assigned Advisor system. This form grants access only to the Advisor assignment application in Self-Service Banner (SSB). This access allows you to modify the rules within the automated Advisor system in SSB.

If you need access to advisor maintenance (to add, delete, and maintain Advisor assignments in Internet Native Banner (INB), you must complete the Request for Banner Student access form and select ST_GSTU_02_MAINTAIN_ADVISOS under Registrar. Inquiries regarding access shall be directed to Charity Miller, 330-672-5333.

GPS System Access

Complete a Request for Access to GPS System form to gain access to GPS Audits and Plans. Completed forms can be sent to

Document Imaging

Complete a Request for Banner Document Imaging form to gain document imaging access to the imaging applications in the Banner environment.

Additional Resources

Employee Email Access Request Form **NEW FORM ALERT**

This form replaces the Third Party Email Access form.

If a third party requires access to the content of another users' account, and the owner is either temporarily unavailable or is terminating employment from the university, an Employee Email Access Reques Form will be needed. Email migrations to Gmail are no longer available.

Direct Access to Administrative Databases

To obtain direct access to administrative databases, submit the Open Database Connectivity Security Agreement.

FTP Access

To upload or download administrative systems input or output files from the WebFTP server, an FTP Request form must be submitted.

FAMIS Access

Access to the FAMIS system is handled through the following FAMIS access forms:

Maintenance - Complete a Request for Famis Maintenance Access form (see included instructions). Inquiries shall be directed to Cindy Gary, FAMIS Systems Specialist, at 330-672-2886.

Space - Complete a Request for Famis Space Access form (see included instructions). Inquiries shall be directed to Matt Rogers, Architecture Database Coordinator at 330-672-2648.

Remote Access to Banner

To access Banner, Cognos and other Administrative systems from an off-campus location, submit the form Remote Access to Administrative Systems.


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