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New Employee Checklist: Helping new KSU Employees Start on the Right Foot

As a higher education institution with more than 35,000 students across eight different campuses, beginning a new job at Kent State University is inherently intimidating. To combat this, Systems Development and Innovation is working alongside Human Resources and Academic Personnel to develop a New Employee Checklist for all beginning part-time and full-time KSU faculty and staff.

Located on FlashLine, this tool will provide centralized information regarding preliminary tasks that employees have to complete within their first 30 days on the job. These include:

  • updating emergency contact information
  • enrolling in direct deposit
  • signing up for new hire orientation
  • and registering tax information

The Checklist will include a countdown timer for time-sensitive tasks and it will be interactive in that it will change based on the user’s actions. For example, if an employee updates their emergency contact information, an icon will update from incomplete to complete, effectively providing a more user-friendly user experience.

This project is possible through Systems Development and Innovation’s extensive collaboration with Human Resources and various areas of SDI:

  • Architecture and Development
  • Portal
  • PE&I Teams
  • UX and UI Teams

In working together, SDI has developed the foundation for the Checklist system, which can then continually be updated by the group that it pertains to, if necessary. That is, after it has been implemented, Human Resources has the option to update the content or add new items to the New Employee Checklist as they see fit.

The New Employee Checklist will not only revolutionize how new university employees can ensure they are completing necessary job tasks, but also help them form a first impression of KSU as a unique and inclusive place to work in the process!

As the first of many other centralized checklists to come, SDI plans to implement the NEC on FlashLine just in time for the fall semester. Be sure to watch out for FlashLine notifications in the future to keep up to date on new developments in this process!