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What is Chanukah and When Do We Celebrate It?

The name ‘Chanukah’ means ‘dedication’. The name commemorates the rededication of the Temple. An alternate explanation is that the word 'chanukah' consists of two parts: ‘Chanu’ means ‘they rested’ and ‘kah’ means ‘twenty five’. This recalls the day when the fighting stopped and the Temple was rededicated. 

Chanukah is referred to as ‘The Festival of Lights’ or by another name, ‘Chag HaUrim’. This name describes the main features of Chanukah, which involves the lighting of a chanukiah (a candelabrum with nine lights). We celebrate Chanukah for eight days, from the 25th of Kislev.

Chanukah Candle Lighting dates for 2012 (5773)

Menorah Candle to Light Date
Menorah 1 Candle Light 1st candle Saturday evening December 8, 2012
Menorah 2 Candles Light 2nd candle Sunday evening December 9, 2012
Menorah 3 Candles Light 3rd candle Monday evening December 10, 2012
Menorah 4 candles Light 4th candle Tuesday evening December 11, 2012
Light 5th candle Wednesday evening December 12, 2012
Menorah 6 Candles Light 6th candle Thursday evening December 13, 2012
Menorah 7 candles Light 7th candle Friday evening December 14, 2012
Menorah 8 candles Light 8th candle Saturday evening December 15, 2012