Adjustments for Administrative Appointments

Administrative appointments are subject to changes in administrative structure, assignment of non-faculty support staff, budget, and priorities of the School, College and University. Undergraduate and graduate coordination are top priorities for administrative support.

Other administrative appointments that may be considered include:

School Center Directors or Chairs may be entitled to load equivalencies, depending on the nature and volume of the Center’s activity and the level of external funding.

Coordination of multi-section classes may merit load equivalencies.

Coordination of graduate programs may merit load equivalencies.

Recruiting and retention assignments may merit load equivalencies. Faculty engaged in these activities may receive up to three hours of load for attending recruitment and retention events, giving tours, meeting prospective students, serving on college and university committees devoted to this effort, and spearheading strategies to recruit and retain students.

The Director should consult each semester with the FAC on appropriate levels of administrative support and workload equivalencies.