Adjustments for Student Media Assignments

The School recognizes the critical role of student media in providing hands-on experiential learning for students. Advisers and full-time staff support student leaders and provide continuity for student media to produce excellent news, information and entertainment content across media platforms. (Advisers with an ā€œeā€ refer to those advising student media. Advisors with an ā€œoā€ refer to those advising graduate projects or theses, as well as those serving in an academic advising capacities.)

Given the convergence of media in the marketplace and in student media, the roles of student media faculty advising and full-time staff support have been in transition. The School will allot appropriate faculty load equivalencies per year to student media advising and will from time to time add adjunct or consulting services to address particular needs. The Director should consult with the FAC regarding faculty and staff support for student media and also should advise the Student Media Board. Consideration should be given to load equivalencies for other student media advising when priorities and budgets permit, such as non-JMC student media and club/organization activities.

Workload equivalencies for faculty in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication for advising student media organizations are considered an essential part of the program. For each three hours of workload equivalency, faculty members are expected to spend the equivalent of 135 hours over the course of the workload equivalency performing tasks as detailed in Section V.

The School recognizes the value of advising contributions for promotion and tenure decisions. These contributions also are material for Merit Award consideration when funds are available.