Duties of the Graduate Studies Coordinator(s)

The Graduate Studies Coordinator, who is elected to a two-year term by the FAC, has the following duties:

1. Coordinate and assist in graduate student recruitment and preparing materials for prospective graduate students, answering inquiries, and conferring with prospective graduate students about admission and tracks within the graduate program.

2. Work closely with the graduate secretary to ensure appropriate maintenance of all records for the graduate program and admission papers of graduate students.

3. Partner with the Associate Director and faculty on revision of graduate curricula and course offerings, and conferring with the Associate Director and Graduate Studies Committee on the schedule of courses.

4. Recommend admission to the Graduate Program, in cooperation with the Associate Director and the Graduate Studies Committee.

5. Appoint academic advisers for graduate students, in consultation with the students and faculty.

6. Recommend students for graduate appointments to the Graduate Studies Committee.

7. Nominate members of the faculty for graduate faculty status to the Director after formal review and vote by the Graduate Faculty Committee.

8. Arrange for graduate students to be represented in the activities of the School, including the FAC meetings. The coordinator should also make sure graduate students’ views are represented to the graduate faculty. The Graduate Studies Role and Status of Graduate Student Appointees document details the role of graduate students in governance.

9. Chair the Graduate Studies Committee.

10. Maintain liaison with the Office of Graduate Studies.

11. Serve as the School’s CCI Graduate Coordinators Council Representative.

12. Approve students’ graduate programs of study.

13. Complete other duties as assigned.