Duties of the Undergraduate Sequence Coordinator

Undergraduate Sequence Coordinators are elected for journalism, advertising, public relations, and digital media production. Sequence Coordinators may warrant a load equivalency in times when much work is required, such as when the curriculum is being revised.

Sequence coordinators, who are elected to a two-year term by the members of the individual sequence, have the following duties:

1. Administer the sequence program, which includes calling a minimum of one meeting of the sequence faculty each semester to discuss problems, procedures, policies, curriculum, teaching assignments, texts, etc.

2. Consult with the Director, Associate Director and/or Undergraduate Studies Coordinator as appropriate about the sequence teaching assignments and/or courses required in all sequences.

3. Administer the policy that textbooks for courses that are prerequisite to any other JMC course at the Kent campus or regional campuses may be approved by the sequence. Texts for cross-sequence courses can be chosen by a committee of faculty members from the sequences requiring the course.

4. Suggest the updating of basic data sheets and exploring with sequence faculty the advisability of initiating new courses and programs and canceling old courses.

5. Assist regional-campus instructors who teach within the sequence.

6. Assure consistency in multiple-section courses.

7. Determine needs for personnel and other resources in the sequence and advising the Director on the hiring of part-time faculty.

8. Assist with training and mentoring of part-time faculty.

9. Complete other duties as assigned.