Faculty Advisory Committee

The Faculty Advisory Committee is the main instrument for faculty participation in School governance. The committee is advisory to the Director on a variety of issues and, given its importance, shall be regularly informed by the Director as to the outcome of its recommendations.

The FAC shall consist of all full-time tenured, tenure-track and full time non-tenure track faculty members in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the Kent and regional campuses. (Full time non-tenure track faculty may not vote on issues regarding tenure-track faculty.) Faculty with joint appointments in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication and other units of Kent State University whose workload statements are approved and/or whose reappointment, tenure and promotion decisions are based in JMC are members of the JMC FAC. In accordance with the Tenure-Track Collective Bargaining Agreement (TT CBA), Article VI, Section 3, Paragraph A, if NTT faculty ever outnumber TT faculty on the JMC FAC, the number of NTT faculty voting members will be reduced in a manner to be determined by the Director in consultation of the FAC so that TT faculty retain a majority of votes in the FAC.

Students are welcome and encouraged to attend Faculty Advisory Committee meetings. However, students are not permitted to attend discussions on personnel matters. One tenured member of the FAC will be elected to serve a two-year term on the College Advisory Committee.

The Faculty Advisory Committee advises the Director on such matters as:

1. All curriculum matters

2. Personnel matters

3. School governance

4. Faculty load policy, both in implementation and revision

5. Course scheduling

6. School standards and objectives

7. Expenditure of School money

8. Any other matters deemed appropriate by the Director

The FAC advises the Dean on the appointment of an Interim School Director and participates in the search for a School Director as provided for in Article VI, Section 8, Paragraph A of the TT CBA.