Faculty Grievance and Appeals

A. University Procedures

Kent State University maintains a formal grievance and appeals procedures established by the TT CBA (Article VII) and the FTNTT CBA (Article VII).

B. School Procedures for Informal Resolution

The faculty and the Director are encouraged to maintain open communication to the extent that formal University grievance and appeals procedures will normally not be required. To this end, the following procedure is recommended for the internal arbitration of a faculty grievance, should it be necessitated:

Step 1: The grieving faculty member shall meet with his/her sequence coordinator, and a reasonable effort shall be made to resolve the grievance.

Step 2: If the grievance is not resolved in Step One, the faculty member may elect to bring his/her grievance before the FAC, which shall make an advisory recommendation to the Director.

Step 3: If the grievance is not resolved in Step Two, the faculty member shall meet with the Director who will make a final effort to resolve the grievance at the School level.

Should the issue remain unresolved at the School level, the Director’s Office will notify the Dean regarding the unresolved grievance and the results of the informal actions that have occurred in Steps One through Three.

In regard to the above procedure, it is important to note the following from the University Grievance and Appeals Procedure: “Any settlement, withdrawal, or other disposition of a grievance at the informal stage shall not constitute a binding precedent in the settlement of similar complaints or grievances.”