Full Time Non-Tenure Track Appoint, Renewal and Promotion

  1. Appointment and Renewal of Full Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty

    Assignments for full time non-tenure track (FTNTT) faculty vary widely. Terms for renewal are explained in Article X of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for Full Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty (FTNTT CBA). Criteria are developed by the academic units. Documentation guidelines for FTNTT Full Performance Reviews are provided in the FTNTT CBA, Addendum B. For regular FTNTT faculty, formal third-year reviews are required. For FTNTT faculty in JMC, evaluation should follow standards for teaching and service in Tables 4 and 5. Evaluation criteria for professional development are outlined in the next section and standards are noted in Table 6. For FTNTT faculty with duties other than teaching, evaluation appropriate for their assigned duties will be developed.

  2. Promotion of Full Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty

    Faculty may apply for promotion in the third year of a cycle of three one-year appointments.

    There are six academic ranks for FTNTT faculty members: Lecturer, Associate Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor. Criteria for promotion are set forth in Addendum C of the FTNTT CBA. Candidates are eligible for promotion to Associate Lecturer or Associate Professor after completing five consecutive years as an FTNTT and successfully passing one three-year performance review. They are eligible for promotion to Senior Lecturer or Professor after five full years in rank as an Associate Lecturer/Associate Professor. They will be assessed on their performance of assigned duties, professional development and university citizenship. See the FTNTT CBA, Addendum C, Section 1, Paragraph F for a more complete statement of criteria.

    According to the FTNTT CBA, evidence of “significant and continuous accomplishments in Performance, Professional Development, and Professional and Creative Activity” is required for promotion. Contributions in university citizenship will help the candidate’s file and may be required. The Provost ultimately makes promotion decisions after receiving recommendations from the college Dean. The Dean is advised by the Non-Tenure Track Promotion Advisory Board, whose members review the candidates’ files.