Full Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty (FTNTT)

The workload for FTNTT faculty is explained in Article IX of the FTNTT Collective Bargaining Agreement (FTNTT CBA). All full time non-tenure track faculty are assigned a workload of fifteen (15) credit hours per semester, thirty (30) credit hours for the academic year, or the equivalent.

For each semester of the regular academic year, each FTNTT faculty member shall receive a statement of his/her specific workload assignment at least thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of the semester. This statement shall include the number of credit hours assigned to classroom instruction and/or the number of credit hours assigned to other duties consistent with the FTNTT faculty member’s track. See the FTNTT CBA Article IX, Section 1 (E).

A FTNTT faculty member seeking a load equivalency for research or some other reason explained below should submit a request to the director by the end of the spring semester of the previous year. The request should include specifics about research or creative activity planned, leadership in professional organizations, and other reasons for the request.