Graduate Faculty Committee

1. The Graduate Faculty Committee shall consist of all tenured or tenure-track faculty members holding graduate faculty status (with the exception of those holding temporary status), chaired by the Associate Director or the Graduate Studies Coordinator(s). This is a separate committee from the smaller curriculum- and assessment-focused Graduate Studies Committee.

2. The Graduate Faculty Committee will formulate and update the criteria used in determining the graduate faculty status of each member of the unit. Upon approval by the Director of the School and the Dean of the College of Communication and Information, these criteria will be used to determine the graduate faculty status of each member of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Faculty conferred with graduate status are expected to regularly serve as advisors for graduate students as well as directors/committee members for graduate student theses and projects.

3. The Director and Associate Director, in consultation with the Graduate Faculty Committee, will recommend to the Dean the appropriate graduate-faculty status for those members of the unit. Votes upon faculty status require a simple majority of the Graduate Faculty Committee for recommendation for graduate-faculty membership. When a member of the committee is considered, that member will be absent from the deliberation and vote.