Graduate Studies Committee

The Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) is charged with overseeing curriculum and assessment across the graduate programs. It will include the following members:

  1. The Graduate Studies Coordinator shall be the chair.
  2. The Associate Director of the School shall be an ex officio member.
  3. The graduate interest areas shall each be represented by one elected committee member.
  4. Two additional members at-large may be elected.
  5. A graduate student enrolled in the JMC master’s program shall be appointed to the committee by the Graduate Studies Coordinator. The graduate student is a non-voting committee member.
  6. Only members of the JMC Graduate Faculty Committee may be elected to the Graduate Studies Committee. Members of the Graduate Studies Committee shall be elected by the Faculty Advisory Committee.
  7. The length of term of each elected committee member shall be two years.
  8. To ensure continuity, the election of members of the Graduate Studies Committee shall be held at the beginning of the second year of the Graduate Studies Coordinator’s two-year term. The Graduate Studies Coordinator in consultation with the Director of the School will nominate a slate of candidates for election, and nominations also will be accepted from the floor.