1. Travel:

Faculty are encouraged to attend professional and academic meetings and conferences for professional enrichment. Attendance at such meetings is considered an authorized absence, provided that appropriate arrangements have been made for class coverage. The required forms for this type of leave are available from the Director. The form must be completed and approved before the faculty member’s leave.

2. Leaves of Absence:

Leaves of absence, including sick leave, shall follow College and University regulations as stated in the University Policy Register 6-11 and must be approved by the Dean. Appropriate documentation must be completed by all concerned parties.

3. Professional Improvement Leave for Tenure-Track Faculty:

Faculty professional improvement leave may be available to all those who qualify, in accordance with regulations and provisions in the University Policy Register 6-12 and 6-12.101. Faculty members requesting a faculty professional improvement leave must submit a proposal to the FAC and the Director for review, after which it is reviewed by the College Advisory Committee, the Dean and other appropriate University officials and committees. Final approval comes from the Provost and is subject to available funding.

4. Professional Development Leave for FTNTT Faculty

Full time non-tenure track faculty may apply for leaves of absence for professional development according to the provisions of the FTNTT CBA, Article XVI, Section 2.