Merit Awards

When the Dean notifies the Director of the amount of money in the Faculty Excellence Award (FEA) pool, the Director will divide the pool as specified in the Tenure-Track Collective Bargaining Agreement (TT CBA) (Article XII, Section 3) in effect at the time. Faculty members may apply for an award in whatever categories are specified.

FEA applications must include a curriculum vitae and brief narratives documenting superior performance, accomplishments, and awards in teaching/service or research/creative activity.  One narrative should be submitted for each category and should not exceed two pages in length.

The FAC will also create a checklist of meritorious activities that the faculty and the Director should consider in making award decisions. It is the FEA candidates’ responsibility to address categories applicable to their performance during the review period.

Each member of the faculty will review the applications and assign each applicant to one

of the four categories: high award, medium award, low award or no award. This “vote,” with either a statement of justification for the vote or a completed checklist (or both), will be signed

and returned to the Director. These statements will be given to the applicants upon request at the end of the award process.

The Director, advised by these statements, will draw up a list of award recipients and the amount of each award and present the list to the FAC. The FAC will vote on the list of awards as a whole.

If the FAC votes in favor of the list, individual faculty may request reconsideration of the preliminary determination. If the FAC votes against the list as a whole, the Director may revise the list and resubmit it to the FAC, along with the FAC’s decision and notes on the discussion. Then the preliminary determination will be open for individual faculty to request reconsideration. The FAC shall review all reconsideration requests and make a final recommendation to the Director. The Director will then make a final recommendation to the Dean and inform the FAC and individual faculty of that final determination.

The FAC recommends that the Director reserve ten percent of the dollar pool in each category for awards at the Director’s discretion. The Director reports these awards to the FAC, but the FAC does not vote on them. If negotiated guidelines explicitly provide for a wider range of awards, the negotiated guidelines will take precedence.


Merit Award Checklists

School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Approved Oct. 17, 2014

NOTE: These checklists may not help in the determination of individual awards. However, when a checklist is filled out for each candidate, this system may help you determine High, Medium and Low awards for all. Also, you may choose not to use these checklists at all. However, they do reflect what “counts” in the determination of these awards.

✓ for each=Low

✓✓ for each=Medium

✓✓✓ for each =High

FEA Rubric for Research and Creative Activity

Candidate Name



Check all that apply.

Books/ Major creative or research projects published


Books edited


In-progress research, not yet published


Articles in print or online/Exhibits


Presentations related to research or other field-related expertise (academic conferences or groups, community or industry)


Startups/New creative ventures


Research-related grants won


Research-related grants applied for




Media appearances or quotes focused on research or creative activity


Workshops or events organized


Workshops or events attended for professional development




FEA Rubric for Teaching

Candidate Name

Check all that apply. You may include as many as three checks per box.

SSI scores at or above mean


Student media/club/course advising


Grad project/theses advising or service on committees (≥3)


Teaching grants/awards won


Teaching grants applied for


Teaching presentations on campus


New preps




Student recognition/awards for work done in class


Teaching award




FEA Rubric for University Citizenship

Candidate Name

Check all that apply. You may include as many as three checks per box.

Student media/club/course advising


Teaching presentations on campus




Service award


Service (>4 committees or leadership positions)