Other School Committees

As with the FAC, all committees in the School are advisory to the Director. Each of the following committees has specific areas of responsibility and is required to make specific recommendations to the Director. The Director should make every effort to inform the FAC of the outcomes of other committees’ recommendations and, if not acted upon or if contravened, to note the reasons why.

The standing committees of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication are listed below with their charges.

1. The Scholarship Committee is composed of faculty members appointed by the Director. The term is one year with the possibility of reappointment, depending upon the wishes of the member and the needs of the School as assessed by the Director.

The committee elects a chair from its members. The chair serves for a two-year term. The committee seeks and administers scholarships from appropriate sources in consultation with the Director.

2. The Diversity and Globalization Committee is composed of five elected representatives from the faculty and a chair elected from its ranks. The focus will be on helping our School in the recruiting, retention, and support for our diversity students, faculty, and staff. Our definition of diversity will include both domestic and international diversity and will focus on categories of diversity that go beyond gender, race, and ethnicity.

The committee will work with faculty and others to identify recruiting and retention policies for the School (in coordination with College efforts), support systems in place for our diversity students, best practices in recruiting diversity candidates for adjunct faculty, full-time faculty, and staff. A member of this committee will be assigned to all searches for full-time employment in JMC.

3. The Student Media Board is a standing University committee with strong connections to the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. The Student Media Board oversees the operation of the Kent Stater, the Summer Stater, KentWired.com, the Burr magazine and theburr.com, TV2, Black Squirrel Radio, KSU Independent Films (KSUIF), and the magazines Fusion, Uhuru, Luna Negra and A. The Board selects the editors for the Kent Stater and all of the magazines, the General Manager for TV2, the General Manager for Black Squirrel Radio, the president of KSUIF and the advertising manager for all student media.

The charge, membership, procedures and responsibilities of the Student Media Board are described in the University Policy Register, Section 4-12.1.

The Director, after consultation with the FAC, appoints advisers, following the Guidelines in Section II of this Handbook.

4. The Peer Review Committee consists of all tenured faculty. The Peer Review Coordinator, who is elected for a two-year term by the Faculty Advisory Committee, serves as chair. For the responsibilities of this committee, see the duties of the Peer Review Coordinator described earlier in this section.