Peer Review Coordinator

The Peer Review Coordinator, who is elected for a two-year term by the Faculty Advisory Committee, has the following duties:

1. Maintain the process the FAC has approved for conducting systematic peer evaluations of the teaching of tenured faculty, probationary tenure-track faculty, and full time non-tenure track faculty.

2. Assist faculty with their efforts to improve teaching quality.

3. Arrange for at least one class session taught by each probationary tenure-track faculty member and each full time non-tenure track faculty member on a one-year contract to be visited each semester by a faculty of higher rank but no less that at the associate level when higher rank is not possible. Tenure-track faculty would still be reviewed by Tenured faculty. A written report based on those visits will be submitted to the faculty member and to the Director; the report will be included as evidence of the quality of teaching in consideration for reappointment, tenure, promotion, and Merit Award salary increases.

4. Arrange for peer evaluations of teaching for tenured faculty and full time non-tenure track faculty members on three-year contracts at their request.