Regional Campus Faculty

Regional campus faculty and the programs in which they are involved are integral parts of the operation of the School and the preparation of students in the first two years of their academic careers. Tenured, tenure-track and full time non-tenure track regional campus faculty shall be expected to attend all general faculty meetings and maintain a close consultation and relationship with the Kent Campus faculty. Regional campus faculty shall be represented on JMC committees in accordance with the TT CBA, Article VI, Section 6.

Under normal circumstances, the appointment held by a regional campus faculty member shall subject the faculty member to the reappointment and tenure guidelines of the regional campus. Instructors approved to teach JMC courses at regional campuses are encouraged to meet with a representative of the School before the term starts, to review the syllabus, course content, recommended text(s) and assignments for each course. This policy will be administered by the Director, in collaboration with the Associate Director and sequence coordinators.