Revision of the Handbook

This Handbook was approved initially by the Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) on July 20, 1988, and it is reviewed at least once every three years. The Director and a committee of faculty members shall conduct the review and present recommendations to the FAC for approval. Alterations or amendments to this Handbook may be recommended by the FAC, or upon direction from the Director or Dean of the College of Communication and Information, or by other administrative officers of the University, in order to reflect changes in School, College, University, or other policies. Alterations or amendments to the Handbook by the FAC are subject to approval by the Director and the Dean.

During regular faculty meetings, a faculty member may move to change any provision of the Handbook. After a proper second and discussion, the change will be voted on. A simple majority is necessary to amend or alter the Handbook.

Voting Requirements

To be eligible to vote on changes or additions to the Handbook, one must be a member of the FAC.