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Table 2

Assessment of Scholarly/Creative Activity Worksheet for Tenure-Track Faculty

Overall evaluation of scholarly/creative activity:

             Excellent: Achieved national and/or international prominence for creative and/or scholarly activity

            Very Good: Emerging nationally recognized body of creative and/or scholarly activity.

            Adequate: Active body of creative and/or scholarly activity

             Unacceptable:  Insufficient body of creative and/or scholarly activity

            The candidate is not expected to provide evidence in all the categories listed below.

Criteria                                                                                 Evaluation                                                  Notes/Discussion Point



Well-defined, focused agenda




Consistent activity leading to publication and presentation




Published work in appropriate professional or academic venues significant to School’s mission




Evidence of quality of work through external review or juried assessment




Evidence of quality of work through citations, awards, invitations to publish or present




Evidence of quality through generation of external funding




Overall impact on discipline, profession





Overall evaluation





Notes on overall evaluation