Table 4

Assessment of Teaching for Full Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Overall evaluation of teaching:

Excellent: Superior teaching performance with external recognition

Very Good: Actively engaged in teaching activities with demonstrable success

Adequate: Meets teaching obligations, including appropriate course preparation, delivery and evaluation

Unacceptable: Does not meet teaching obligations

Aside from “formal peer evaluation” and the “student evaluations of instruction,”
the candidate is not expected to provide evidence in all categories listed below.

Criteria                                                                                           Evaluation                                         Notes/Discussion Point


Formal peer evaluation




Student Evaluations of Instruction




Quality of content, includes current knowledge and practice




Quality and clarity of syllabi, assignments, tests, quizzes, grading rubrics, etc.




Effective delivery with learning-centered techniques and tools




Assessment of learning outcomes, documentation of successes and improvements




Development or revision of courses, program development




Counseling, advising, mentoring, tutoring




Co-curricular advising




M.A. theses, projects, Ind. Studies, Honors




Course Innovation




Overall evaluation




Notes on overall evaluation