Tenure-Track Faculty

The University Policy Register 6-18 requires all regular, full-time tenure-track faculty to teach 24 credit hours per academic year, or the equivalent. Faculty members can teach fewer hours of undergraduate courses if they are engaged in teaching graduate courses, conducting research, creating seminars, or advising individual investigations, student research, theses, and dissertations.

For each term of the regular academic year, the Director shall provide each tenure-track faculty member with a statement of his/her workload, including the number of credit/workload hours to be devoted to instructional assignments and the number of hours to be devoted to other responsibilities. Normally, this statement should be provided no later than thirty (30) days prior to the end of the academic semester preceding the semester for which the workload is assigned. See the Tenure-Track Collective Bargaining Agreement (TT CBA), Article IX, Section 2 (C).

The TT CBA, Article IX, Section 2 (D) requires tenured and probationary faculty to submit a workload summary report to the director by the end of the spring semester. This report should include a brief summary of the previous year’s “efforts, accomplishments, scholarly contributions, ongoing professional activities, service and interests during that academic year.” Along with this information, faculty members should provide the course syllabi for each course taught, and a link to their curriculum vitae.

If faculty members want to receive an equivalency for research (typically 3 credit hours) or for some other reason explained below, they must also specify the research and creative activity they plan to do in the coming year, the number of theses/projects they plan to direct and other specifics regarding their reasons for asking for a load equivalency.