Undergraduate Studies Committee

The Undergraduate Studies Committee (USC) is charged with overseeing curriculum and assessment across the undergraduate programs. It is this committee’s responsibility to support the School in carrying out a continuing assessment of various School programs.

Working with faculty members, the USC will suggest curricular changes to the faculty in regular meetings. It will include the following members:

  1. The Undergraduate Studies Coordinator, who serves as chair.
  2. The Associate Director of the School shall be an ex officio member.
  3. Four representatives elected annually, one each from Journalism, Digital Media Production, Public Relations, and Advertising.
  4. Up to two at-large representatives.
  5. At least one of the representatives should be a non-tenure track faculty member. However, tenure-track faculty should constitute a majority of this committee, according to the TT CBA.
  6. One member of this committee will be elected as the School representative to the College Curriculum Committee.