Undergraduate Advisors (101 Taylor Hall, 330-672-2131)

To ensure smooth, goal-oriented academic experiences, each CCI undergraduate student is required to complete a 30-minute advising appointment at least once per semester.  Use the button below to schedule an appointment.

Schedule a CCI Advising Appointment

If you have a quick question (such as a problem registering for a CCI class) after completing your advising appointment for the semester, you can call the advising number (above) or select your advisor’s name below to see their contact information.

Drop-in Advising Hours

Drop-in advisors are available in 101 Taylor Hall, Monday through Friday, 9:30-11:00 a.m.

Drop-in advising hours are great for:

  • schedule changes
  • adding a minor
  • reviewing deadlines
  • applying for graduation
  • internship requirements
  • campus involvement
  • any topic that can be discussed in 5-10 minutes

Keep in mind that if you arrive at the end of this time and cannot be seen before 11:00 a.m., you may be asked to come back another day. If this timeframe does not work for your schedule, please schedule an advising appointment. Because students are seen on a first-come, first-served basis, your wait time may vary. If your question takes longer than 10 minutes to address, you may be asked to schedule an advising appointment for another day. Drop-in advising does not replace your required advising appointment.

In your first semester as a journalism major at Kent State University, you will take an orientation class taught by a JMC instructor. You will also be assigned a professional academic advisor who will be available to help you with scheduling and other curricular matters. 

A 2.00 grade point average overall at Kent State and a 2.70 in JMC courses are required for graduation for both JMC majors and minors. A 2.75 overall GPA is also required to enroll in JMC courses. In addition, no grade lower than a C- (1.7) in a journalism and mass communication course will be counted toward graduation or as a prerequisite for a subsequent class.

All JMC students are required to take a minimum of 72 credit hours outside of the discipline. Learn more about the 72-hour requirement.


An independent study is an opportunity for a student to explore an area of interest that is not covered in a class or is not covered fully in a class. Some exceptional circumstances to this rationale for an independent study may be made, but a student’s work schedule, for example, is not considered an exceptional circumstance.

A student needs to initiate the idea for an independent study with a faculty member. The student and faculty member will come up with a full scope of work, including deadlines for completion. The faculty member will fill out the independent study form after checking how many credits the independent study is worth and, if applicable, for what class the independent study will substitute. Both the student and faculty member must sign the form before submission to the Undergraduate Studies Coordinator.

The deadline for submitting a complete application is the Wednesday of the first week of the semester. Exceptions to this deadline will be granted rarely and only if accompanied by a compelling reason for the missed deadline.

Transfer Credit Policy

JMC will accept no more than 12 JMC transfer credits from students coming in from AEJMC-accredited or non-accredited schools. The Associate Director or Undergraduate Studies Coordinator must approve the transfer credits after reviewing syllabi and/or other appropriate materials submitted.


Once all sections of a course have maxed to capacity, the enrollment will show as a negative enrollment. If a course has negative enrollment you know that there is a waitlist for that course.

To register for the waitlisted course here is what you will need to complete the waitlist.

1. Flashline login 
2. Banner ID Number
3. Class Standing
4. Expected Graduation Semester
5. Major/Minor
6. Course you’d like to be waitlisted for

To begin the process please select the link below to get started!

JMC Student Waitlist Registration 

* Please note the browser requirement. You must have one of the two most recent versions of the following browsers: 

  • Chrome 
  • Firefox
  • Safari (not supported on Windows)
  • Internet Explorer

If you do not want to update your browser you must first login to Flashline in a separate tab, and then select the link to the waitlist. 


Graduate students should contact faculty graduate coordinator, Tang Tang ( or 330-672-1132).