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JMC Diversity Plan Progress Report 


The School of Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC) at Kent State University continues its commitment to diversity and inclusion, as evident by the role the Diversity and Globalization Committee (DGC) and Student Voice Team (SVT) have in creating, supporting and executing strategic initiatives within the school.

A fall 2015 “Survey of Americans on Race” by CNN and the Kaiser Family Foundation provides key takeaways that demonstrate how important it is to observe diversity issues in our environment and develop appropriate reactions to these observations through JMC’s Diversity Plan and DGC. The report finds, in part:

  • Americans are more likely to consider racism a big problem today than they were 20 years ago
  • The percentage who see racial tensions increasing has grown as well
  • White America lives a largely segregated life and
  • Large numbers of black and Hispanic Americans say they have been treated unfairly in the last 30 days

JMC’s DGC mission is four-fold. It focuses on Institutional Climate, Culture and Community Relationships; Student Access, Recruitment, and Success; Education and Scholarship; and Institutional Accountability. We believe these strategic, coordinated efforts will help JMC provide a culture and environment in which students of all backgrounds and who represent all facets of diversity can be successful and thrive despite the larger narrative outside the walls of Kent State University.

The School’s diversity activities this year continue to evolve with new forms of student dialogue and engagement, as well as events and continued faculty research and outreach.

This report updates the School’s Diversity Plan, which is Goal #3 of the School’s Strategic Plan, and highlights the School’s 2015-2016 academic year accomplishments for each objective.

Download the JMC Diversity Plan 2016 Progress Report