Graduate Assistantships

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All graduate assistants will be selected by the Graduate Studies Committee of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Applications for assistantships will be handled through the Division of Research and Graduate Studies. Specific assignments will be made by the Graduate Coordinator.

Conditions of Appointment

  • All graduate appointees must remain in good standing in the School and be enrolled as full-time students. Non-degree and guest students are not eligible for appointments. Upon satisfactory progress toward the degree and performance of assigned duties, students may be reappointed. Appointments or reappointments, including tuition scholarships, are not automatic and are based on an evaluation by the assigned instructor.
  • All graduate appointees must be enrolled in a minimum of eight hours of course work per semester.
  • Because graduate appointments are intended to provide support to enable students to spend the maximum amount of time in pursuit of graduate studies, it is considered inappropriate for a full-time graduate appointee to be additionally employed. Graduate appointees may not hold an additional appointment at Kent State University that exceeds 20 hours per week.
  • Students who are awarded assistantships normally can expect to receive two years of support, assuming there is satisfactory progress toward the degree and in the performance of assigned duties.
  • Notification of non-reappointment will be given to students before April 1st each spring semester.

JMC Appointment Category

Graduate Assistants: A graduate assistant assists or performs instruction, research or administrative duties beneficial to the appointee's professional development.

Selection and Reappointment Criteria

The Graduate Studies Committee will decide on appointees based on grade point average, GRE scores, letters of recommendation, and statement of goals, as well as the specific needs of the School.

The Graduate Coordinator will provide students with feedback concerning their first-semester performance, so that problems may be resolved before the reappointment notification date.

Evaluation of a student's performance, progress toward the degree, grade point average, and any other information provided in the graduate assistant's performance review will be considered in the reappointment process.

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