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Professional internships play a key role in the education of each student in Kent State's School of Journalism and Mass Communication. 

JMC fully believes - and hundreds of students before you will affirm - that a professionally supervised internship in your chosen field of study is essential to your academic and professional development. Therefore, an internship is a graduation requirement.

This website opens the door to successful internship opportunities through the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. It includes a database with the following: 

  • Local area, regional and national internships
  • Pertinent information unique to each sequence
  • Online application
  • Internship report filing
  • JMC Internship Policy

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If you are a potential employer, please submit your internship opportunity on our employer form.

Requirements by Major

Students should speak with the internship coordinator for their major about questions regarding internship approval, the application process and more.


Contact: Assistant Professor Chance York (, 304D Franklin Hall, 330-672-7509)

Advertising Internship Application  Learn more


Contact: Associate Professor Joe Murray (, 101G Franklin Hall, 330-672-1914)

DMP Internship Application Learn more


Contact: Associate Professor Mitch McKenney (, 301G Franklin Hall, 330-672-3665)

Journalism Internship Application Learn more


Contact: Associate Professor Stefanie Moore (, 301H Franklin Hall, 330-672-2463)

Public Relations Internship Application Learn More

JMC Internship Policy

  • All Kent State University JMC undergraduate students are required to complete an internship.
  • For students to receive credit, the internship must be in the student’s chosen major and supervised by a professional in the student’s field of study.
  • JMC requires all internship work experiences be off-campus, with the exception of Digital Media Production internships. DMP allows on- campus internships under certain circumstances.
  • One credit hour will be earned for 150 hours of internship work. Students in Journalism, Digital Media Production and Public Relations are required to earn one credit hour. 
  • Advertising students in catalog year 2013 and earlier are required to earn one credit hour. Advertising students in catalog year 2014 and beyond are required to complete two credit hours of internship. This requirement, unique to Advertising, can be met by taking a 300-hour internship for two credit hours or two 150-hour internships for one credit hour each.
  • Multiple internships are encouraged for all students.
  • An internship cannot be taken for credit until specific prerequisite courses are completed.
  • Students must carry a minimum 2.0 GPA.
  • After a student has obtained an internship, the student applies for approval on the JMC internship website. Once approved, JMC registers the student for the internship credit. A student should not commit to an internship until the on-line application has been approved.
  • The internship coordinators for each sequence listed above approve all JMC internships.
  • Progress reports with work samples from students are required. An on-site supervisor’s evaluation follows the student’s internship. These reports are filed online, on the internship website.
  • Grading is S for satisfactory completion and U for unsatisfactory completion.