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Kent in Prague

Modern Media And Democracy

Grace Murray, junior news major with a concentration in magazine journalism, produced "The Others," an online magazine, as part of the Modern Media and Democracy course at Kent State. She traveled to Prague in early August 2013 to research the portrayal of the Roma minority in Czech media. According to a recent survey by the Czech Agency for Social Inclusion, more than 80 percent of the Czech majority views Roma negatively, which has influenced how media cover and report Romany issues. She said “The Others” is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to issues of racism in Prague, and would love the opportunity to go back to Prague and to further report this issue and others that surround it.

The Others, Grace Murray

Katy Coduto is a an electronic media undergraduate and a media management graduate student. Her project, Prague Alive, is an English-language entertainment website for everything in Prague. After extensive research, this site was built to best identify all of the most relevant cultural events in Prague for English-speaking visitors and residents. In order to help those residents fully embrace Czech culture in a way their Czech counterparts do, this website was built to cover Czech artists and international artists – major, upcoming and unknown.


 Creating an Idealized Entertainment Reporting Platform for Students in the Czech Republic and United States, By Katy Coduto

Kent State junior broadcast major Kaitlynn LeBeau explores declining trust in the Czech mass media. She writes, "According to an article from the Prague Monitor, the most recent poll by the CVVM (translated to Public Opinion Research Center) shows that radio ties with the military for earning the most public trust of selected institutions. Television comes in 4th with trust from more than 50 percent of those polled, and the Internet at 50 percent. However, CVVM polls also show these numbers have considerably declined. Over the past four years, trust in television has declined by 17 percent and confidence in the press has dropped by 15 percent in the past five years."