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Leadership Across Industries

From non-profit newsrooms, to software development, to global communication firms, graduates of Kent State's School of Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC) are leaders across industries. Learn about how some of them have used the skills they learned in JMC to become leaders regionally and around the world.

Leading and Communicating Across Cultures

Photo of Denise Kaufmann

The Power of Yes

Denise Kaufmann, ’86, has always believed in saying, “yes.”

The power of that single word has steered her career through Ketchum, one of the world’s largest public relations agencies.

Time Inc. Mastermind

Mark Ford, of Time Inc.

Strategic Vision

The media industry has been no stranger to change and innovation in the past several decades.

Within that time, advertising alumnus Mark Ford, ’79, has been a strategic force within Time Inc., leading the company in its transformation from a magazine company to a multimedia company.

PR & Policy

photo of Elizabeth Bartz

Elizabeth Bartz, '80, M.A., '82, CEO of State and Federal Communications, used her public relations and political science degrees to build a lobbying compliance business in Akron, Ohio.

Climbing the Ladder

Ben Brugler, President of AKHIA

Ben Brugler, '00, is President of AKHIA, a full-service communications agency in Northeast Ohio, where he landed his first job after graduation.

Transferable Skills

Photo of Chas Withers

He planned on being a sportswriter, but a degree from JMC led Chas Withers, '87, to become president of Dix & Eaton, a long-standing public relations firm in Cleveland, Ohio.

'Google' of NEOH

Photo of Chris Baldwin

Chris Baldwin, '94, is the founder of True Digital Communications. He employs a team of mostly Kent State JMC grads, who work with clients to develop a strong digital presence.

Cutting-Edge Software

photo of Sidney Keith, '11

When Sidney Keith, ’11, started college, his plan was to one day work in entertainment public relations. But, he found himself named partner at a software development company before he graduated.

Her Own Vision

Photo of Allison Peltz

Allison Peltz, '06, has been part of the small-by-intent agency Hello LLC since its inception. In addition to using her public relations degree, as a leader, she has learned to become "everything to everybody."