Foul Play? 7th Annual Poynter KSU Media Ethics Workshop

Top journalists and professionals will discuss all of the "Foul Play" happening in athletics.

Foul Play?

The Seventh Annual Poynter KSU Media Ethics Workshop

Tattoos, jerseys, scandal and secrets mean more in today’s headlines than ever before and at the Poynter Kent State Media Ethics Workshop, top sports journalists and ethics professionals will discuss all of the “Foul Play” happening in athletics at the collegiate and professional level.

The seventh annual conference took place Thursday, Sept. 15 in Franklin Hall, home of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Kent State University, Speakers included:

  • Rob King, senior vice president, editorial, ESPN Print and Digital Media
  • Terry Pluto, Cleveland Plain Dealer sports columnist
  • Brian Windhorst, Miami Heat/NBA reporter, ESPN, formerly of the Plain Dealer and the Akron Beacon Journal
  • Ben Marison, editor, and Mike Wagner, investigative reporter, The (Columbus) Dispatch
  • Steve Fox, editor of online discussions for the NFL and college football blog networks and developer of University of Massachusetts’ sports journalism concentration
  • Melissa Ludtke, editor of Nieman Reports at Harvard University
  • David Craig, professor and associate dean for academic affairs in the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Oklahoma
  • Marla Ridenour, Ohio State University reporter and columnist for the Akron Beacon Journal
  • Julie Engebrecht, former sports editor for the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The Poynter Institute’s ethics faculty, Ellyn Angelotti, Kelly McBride and Stephen Buckley facilitated the discussions. In addition, McBride again released results of Poynter’s “Sense-Making” studies during the Media Ethics Workshop. The “Sense-Making” research is funded by the Ford Foundation. Each year, the Workshop is a daylong training program for professionals, educators and students. For more information, and to view the discussions, visit our website.

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