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Media Management

Whether you want to work your way into management or you're already the manager of a media organization, but want to learn how to better motivate and supervise your employees, JMC's Media Management program is designed to help you reach your goals.

The Media Management program focuses on providing a stimulating and challenging environment in which students can learn the principles of effective management from professors who are accomplished both professionally and academically. Course offerings include: Managing Diversity, Advanced Media Management and Audience Analysis and Research.


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Required Core Courses:

  • Introduction to Graduate Study in JMC
  • Ethics of Mass Communication
  • Mass Communication Theory
  • Legal Problems in Mass Communication
  • Research Methods in JMC
  • Master's Project or Master's Thesis

Required Professional Courses:

  • Media Management
  • Advanced Media Management
  • Public Relations Management
  • Administrative Problems in Radio/TV, or
  • Managing Diversity

Professional Prerequisite Courses:

Required only of students lacking the necessary background for the program. These courses will not count toward degree completion.

  • Reporting for Mass Media
  • Editing for Mass Media

Contact our Graduate Studies Coordinators, Professor Mark Goodman at 330-672-6239 ( or Professor Jan Leach ( at 330-672-4289 for more information.