Public Relations Internships

Everything you need to know about qualifying for JMC public relations internships and what is expected of you once you secure an internship can be found here.

Explore the links to learn more about internships. Contact Associate Professor Stefanie Moore, the PR internship coordinator, ( if you have any questions. Also, we encourage you to talk to your peers about internships. Other PR majors can share their experiences and contacts for intern employers. Check out the PRSSA Kent internship page to learn about some PR students’ internship experiences.  

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Public Relations

  • JMC 26007 Reporting or 26008 Broadcast Reporting

And Two of the following:

  • JMC 48001 Media Relations and Publicity

  • JMC 48002 Public Relations Tactics

  • JMC 48003 Digital Public Relations

  • JMC 48006 Public Relations Publications


Every student majoring in any sequence of Journalism and Mass Communication must complete an internship (JMC 40092) as a requirement of his/her degree. Each intern must complete at least 150 hours of work at his/her internship, which can be taken in the fall, spring or summer semesters. If you do your internship in the fall or spring semesters, you should consider a reduced schedule of classes, as you will be working a minimum of 10 hours per week. If you complete the internship in the summer, you will need to register and pay for the one credit hour.

Academic credit is only granted for internships that involve at least 150 hours on the job, and a PR/Communications professional (with appropriate credentials) who serves as a mentor to the students.

To qualify for academic credit:

  • You must be engaged in public relations work (writing, research, press releases, internal and external communication, event planning, social media, etc.). It has to be more than a part-time job.
  • Your internship must be off-campus.
  • You must report to someone who has a communications or public relations degree/background who can serve as a mentor to you. A good mentor enriches the learning experience.

Once you’ve found an approved internship you must complete the online application form found below. After the PR internship coordinator approves your internship application, the JMC scheduler will email you instructions on how to register for the internship course. All summer internships are listed in the Summer III session, but your reporting obligations begin when the internship begins.

Public Relations Internship Application

You will be required to submit online reports and work samples during the internship. The internship coordinator will advise about the requirements for the reports. The internship coordinator may also request work samples and additional assignments. If you’re having any problems with your internship, it is important to keep the internship coordinator apprised by phone or email.

Public Relations Internship Student Report

At the end of your internship, your immediate supervisor must submit a confidential online evaluation form. It is the student's obligation to be sure this happens.

Public Relations Internship Employer Evaluation

The internship is one credit hour and is graded as an S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory). Failure to report on a timely basis or failure to complete the 150 hours can result in a U grade, and the internship will have to be repeated.

If you have questions, see the internship coordinator. Internships can be valuable tools for future jobs. Take them seriously, show up with a positive attitude, and do a good job.