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Kent State's Reporting and Editing graduate program in JMC is structured to prepare students for careers in newspaper, magazine, broadcast, convergence, or journalism education. It caters to students who want to teach high school journalism or to stay on the content-providing side of the media rather than go into management. By offering hands-on, engaging courses such as Reporting Public Affairs, Computer Assisted Reporting and Design for Cybermedia, the Reporting and Editing program readies students to be leaders in their chosen field upon graduation.


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There are seven options for Reporting and Editing graduate students:

  • Broadcast Option
  • Convergence Option
  • Magazine Option
  • Newspaper Option
  • Journalism Educators Option
  • On Campus Master's for Journalism Educators
  • Online Master's for Journalism Educators

Required Core Courses:

  • Introduction to Graduate Study in JMC
  • Ethics of Mass Communication
  • Mass Communication Theory
  • Legal Problems in Mass Communication
  • Research Methods in JMC
  • Master's Project or Master's Thesis

Sample Required Professional Courses:

  • Reporting Public Affairs
  • Online Journalism
  • Advanced Broadcast News Reporting
  • Teaching High School Journalism

Professional Prerequisite Courses:

Required only of students lacking the necessary background for the program. These courses will not count toward degree completion.

  • Reporting for Mass Media
  • Editing for Mass Media

Elective Courses:

All graduate students must complete 5 to 8 credit hours of elective coursework.

Journalism educators should contact Candace Perkins Bowen at 330-672-8297/5093 or for more information.

Contact our Graduate Studies Coordinators, Professor Mark Goodman at 330-672-6239 ( or Professor Jan Leach ( at 330-672-4289 for more information.