Study Away

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC) is deeply committed to creating globally prepared citizens and professionals. Global and cultural competency is essential for communicators, and JMC students have the opportunity to travel locally, nationally and globally, while enhancing their studies.

From writing for a publication in Prague, to submitting award-winning work about politicians in Cyprus, to documenting biology students’ research in Costa Rica, JMC students have the opportunity to build an international and diverse domestic portfolio while completing their undergraduate degrees.

Visit the CCI Global website to learn more about the scope of global opportunities JMC students can take advantage of.

On this page, learn about a few opportunities JMC students have engaged in, in recent years.

Global Advertising and Public Relations

Students have traveled to London to gain global perspectives of communication and advertising. Throughout the semester, students complete research in advertising and public relations. While in London, students have the chance to meet with international industry leaders.

Sichuan University Summer Immersion Program

The Sichuan University Summer Immersion Program provides students with an opportunity to engage in research and cultural exchange during two weeks in the summer. Sichuan University in Chengdu, China, is one of China’s top universities, and each year, it welcomes communications students from around the globe to connect and collaborate in Chengdu. During the program, students participate in academic research, cultural exchange and tourism excursions.

Prague, Czech Republic

Students can spend a semester studying global communication and journalism at the Anglo-American University in Prague, Czech Republic. The program offers courses on advocacy communication, travel writing, current European social issues and more. While classes are taught in English, students come from over 70 countries to study each semester. Studying in Prague also offers students the chance to write for Lennon Wall student magazine.

CCI Florence

The College of Communication and Information offers a semester-long and a one-month summer program on Kent State’s campus in the heart of Florence. The program is cohort-based, and on-site staff administers the program for students. From fully furnished apartments to weekend excursions, Florence offers the best of home and abroad to students. Kent State Florence follows the same academic calendar as the Kent campus and all credits are guaranteed to transfer back. Courses offered include Intercultural Communication, Comparative Media Systems and more.

International Storytelling

Kent State students have produced award-winning multimedia stories through the International Storytelling course. In this course, students spend the spring semester preparing to report abroad. Then, with story ideas and equipment in tow, the students travel to a preselected country to spend two weeks reporting. Past trips have taken students to Cyprus, Ghana, Brazil and more.