The Magic of Advising Presentations

May 13, 2019


Coaching Versus Advising: The Magic of Engaging Gen Z

Ms. Nancy Hunter Denney

The Magic of Resilience: Implementation of The Grit Academy in New Student Advising to Assist in Student Retention

James Ritter & Barb Ozimek

What Beats Headphones and Starbucks Teach Us About Supporting Post-Millennial College Student Success

Michael Levinstein

Change is Coming: Understanding, Accepting, and Managing Change

Dan Stone

Advisor-to-Advisor Peer Mentoring: How the “Magic” Benefits Students

Rajlakshmi Ghosh & Lisa Froning

Finding A Successful Route: Choosing Your Way Through Probation Roadblocks

LeAnn Starlin Nilsson

The Power of Planning and Sorcery of Strategy

Cassandra Mawson

When the Sorting Hat Places You in the Wrong House…

Kaylene Trimmer, Erin Lawson, Amanda Colucci, & Rachel Scherer

Transfer Advising: When You Need a Few Tricks Up Your Sleeve

Helen Dauka

International Student Advising 101

Deanna Laubis, Noelle Brooker, & Megan Cale

"If You Could Wave a Magic Wand...": Defining your Professional Identity and Critical Factors

LuAnn Coldwell

The Sorting Hat: Using Career Construction Questions for Advising Scenarios

Amy Calapa, Alex Moore, Kristina Spangler, & Katie Levels

Wands Up and Spell Books Ready! Effectively and Efficiently Using Muggle Powers to Make the Most of Your Advising Time

Abbey Shiban & Carrie Tuesday

Abracadabra: It’s Time for Graduation

Sophie Kus, Terry Vance, Gayle Brunno-Gannon, & Mary Cooke


Blindspot or Bias? Exploring Uncomfortable Self-Knowledge and Equity for Advisors

CJ Venable

The Illusion of Self-Care

Heather Ryan & Michael Gershe

The Enchantment of Cross-Campus Collaboration: How Volunteering in Student Conduct (or in any Other Office) Informs our Work as Advisors

Ann Winter

Improving Student Success Through Career Communities - The Magic of Advising Success Teams

Ron McDonald, Lucas Brewer, & Monica Womack

Becoming an Academic Advising Wizard: Lessons from Harry Potter

Susanne Miller

The Magic of the Internship: Creating an Opportunity for the Professional Advisor and the Graduate Student

John Borawski & Samuel Yocca