Kent Communication Society

KCS Officers for 2014-2015

President: Kara Curry (
Vice President: Abby Yackley (
Secretary: Joanna Lees (
Treasurer: Evan Branzel (
PR & Advertising: Ashley Cowles (
Social Media: Hanna Richards (
Faculty Advisor: Rozell Duncan, Ph.D.(

The Kent Communication Society is an academic and social organization. The Society’s main goal is to inform students about the field and curriculum of communication studies. The Kent Communication Society seeks to provide information about the university, graduation requirements for communication majors and post-graduation options. The Society accomplishes these tasks through well-informed, elected representatives who have a genuine interest in the future of the Kent Communication Society, the School of Communication Studies and Kent State University.


Every Wednesday 5:00-5:30 in Taylor Hall room 146


Kent Communication Society (KCS) is a student-run undergraduate organization open to all students. KCS is dedicated to helping undergraduates enrolled at Kent State and beyond graduation. Members of the club have the opportunity to associate with people of similar interests as well as receive information and contacts beneficial for the future.


KCS holds social, academic and career-related events that focus on communication activities. Past activities have included fundraisers that have benefited charitable organizations and the society itself. We also involve ourselves in promotional activities for the society and hold career seminars for students close to graduation.


Interested students can pay five dollars ($5) per semester or an annual fee of ten dollars ($10) that will help defray the cost of food and the social activities we coordinate. As a member you will be asked to first of all have fun, get involved with the communication activities and contribute good ideas and suggestions to the society.


All members have the chance to establish a solid history of involvement in a university-sanctioned organization. Being an active member will help you build a complete resume and crucial networks that can help in finding internships and possible careers. KCS is a great way to get involved and meet other communication majors.


If anyone is interested in running for an officer position for next year, you need to notify one of the current officers. Elections will take place at the end of April. Please be sure to attend all meetings if you are interested in becoming an officer.

The prerequisites for the positions are:

  • University requirements: 2.25 GPA and enrollment in at least 3 credit hours
  • KCS Requirements: At least one year remaining as a communication studies major