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Kent Fighting Game Community

The club will be focused on bringing together members of the local fighting game community in Kent and introducing new people to the scene. We will meet up weekly and play all sorts of different fighting games from different eras of gaming. We will have certain games brought and set up by the leaders, including modern ones such as Dragon Ball Fighterz, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, SoulCalibur 6, Street Fighter V, and also select retro fighting games. Members are allowed and encouraged to bring their own setups for games they want to play with the club. We plan to host tournaments and different events in the future with collaboration from other fighting game communities in Ohio.

We want to create an environment that feels comfortable and inclusive of people of all backgrounds and skill levels. Everybody is welcome, those who are experienced and play competitively, those who play casually. And if you have never played a fighting game, come check it out, you might end up with a new fun hobby and a community to play with!

We can’t wait to welcome you all to the Kent Fighting Game Community!


Each Monday in the Center for Undergraduate Excellence room 141.

Membership Requirements

Membership is open to any and all students, faculty, and staff at Kent State University.

Active membership is determined by expressing interest and having attended at least 5 of the events by the end of the active semester.



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