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The Kent State College Democrats

The Kent State University College Democrats mission is to promote and uphold the principles of the Democratic Party of the United States. These principles include but are not limited to: Belief in individual liberties and freedoms as expressed in the Constitution of the United States; belief in equality of opportunity for all citizens to pursue life, liberty, and happiness; belief in the right to education and healthcare; and belief in freedom from prejudice and oppression based upon one’s race, religion, gender, sexuality, and all other characteristics which possess no grounds for their own discrimination. In conjunction with discussing current issues and ideology, we will also be active in campaigns for the upcoming elections, engaging our membership with involvement opportunities with the club and community, and serve our community through good works.


Tuesdays 7:00. For location details, see our media pages and join our email list.

Membership Requirements

Any student can join The Kent State College Democrats. To be a voting member, one must attend three meetings throughout the year. If one is a member and cannot attend the election, he or she can vote absentee.



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