Kent State International Graduate Soccer | 1556233726 | Kent State University

Kent State International Graduate Soccer

This is the soccer group of Graduate Students and Assistants of Kent State University. We include from all international graduate students based on their soccer abilities and sportsmanship. We have students from Middle East, Latin America, Pakistan, China, Iran etc. We play every week twice and make themes of games e.g. Old vs Young, Ph.D. vs Undergrads etc. We also include some of undergrads by reference. At this points 55-65 players, including students are attached to this group. This group is not limited to males and female athletes can join depending upon their skills.


Games every weeks.

Membership Requirements

Be a Graduate student with good standing and will contribute positively to the group by playing and booking/managing for the group. Should know basics of soccer and play positive game. Should not fight on intention. Some undergrads can join with exceptional qualities.


Campus Location