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Kent State University Sky Diving Club

Description: A group of like-minded, adventurous, thrill-seeking individuals who jump solo or tandem in a safe environment. This group is a mixture of beginners and advanced jumpers. The schedule for the advanced and beginning jumpers will be communicated via Instagram and Facebook. There are two different sections in this organization: Beginner and Advanced.

1. The Beginners will coordinate a group jump once a semester! You do not have to have any experience, you are jumping tandem (someone else is strapped to you).
2. The Advanced Jumpers will jump as scheduled and work towards attending the Collegiate National Skydiving Conference.


No meetings, just facebook and instagram updates regarding time and day of the jump(s).

Membership Requirements

Membership Requirements: You must pay your own fee for all programs, packages, and jumps. You must provide your own transportation unless advised otherwise. It is not required to join all jumps, but highly encouraged.

Social Media

Instagram: ksu_skydiving_club
Facebook: Kent State Skydiving Club



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