Gerald H. Read Center for International and Intercultural Education (CIIE)

The Center for International and Intercultural Education, named in honor of Emeritus Professor Dr. Gerald H. Read, is a support service for students and faculty in the College and Graduate School of Education, Health and Human Services. The Center seeks to provide assistance to facilitate the international, global, and intercultural program priorities of the College.

The Center strives to identify and promote faculty exchange, research and scholarship, as well as study and research in overseas as well as culturally different settings in the United States. The Read Distinguished Lecture Series and the numerous international and intercultural Brown Bag Seminars are outreach programs for the greater Kent Community. The Center serves to coordinate activities for COST - the Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching and actively promotes student teaching placements in a variety of overseas locations. The Center serves as a clearinghouse for hosting international visitors to the College and collaborates with departments, faculty, and other agencies and institutions in organizing guests' itineraries and presentations. The Center also sponsors a variety of international travel programs for university and professional associations. Visit the Web site at for more information.

Services Provided

  • Travel and study international programs
  • Intercultural awareness activities
  • Coordination of globally-focused research, study and service projects


Dr. Amanda Johnson-Toala, Director

Room 215, White Hall
Kent State University
PO Box 5190
Kent, OH 44242-0001
Phone: 330-672-0563
Fax: 330-672-2879

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