Strategic Plan

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To meet this challenging time and rising need of students, it is imperative that Kent State University's healthy campus initiative focus on engaging and empowering students to thrive and live their best lives even in the face of continuing uncertainty, stress, and conflict. With this shift toward a holistic approach, the decision was made to rebrand from Kent State of Wellness to Kent State of Well-being.  Kent State of Well-being's (KSoW) role is to prevent, support, and collaborate in ways that enhance both individuals and the community. This initiative builds a broad range of resources that will foster health equity, social justice, belonging, engagement, and self-advocacy, resulting in a thriving community.


Kent State of Well-being's mission is to support, promote, and create robust opportunities, programs and resources that enable individuals to achieve a holistic sense of health and well-being. We encourage the entire community to invest time, talent, and resources toward cultivating a safe, just, and healthy culture.


"Student well-being at Kent State is rooted in a public health approach that enhances holistic health, well-being, and safety for all students. By implementing prevention and health promotion strategies, we can support academic success, promote student development and engagement, and strive for health equity. Simply put, the vision is to seamlessly integrate well-being and academic success in a manner that allows for students to thrive."

-- Dr. Lamar Hylton, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs