Ohio Employee Ownership Center (OEOC)

For over 30 years the Ohio Employee Ownership Center has (OEOC) served Ohio's employee-owned companies and future employee-owners. The OEOC has successfully provided guidance to business owners considering the two major forms of employee-ownership, Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) and Worker-owned Cooperatives. Of the more than 700 firms the OEOC has worked with to date, more than 100 companies employing 20,000-plus workers have implemented partial or complete employee ownership of their enterprises. These companies to date have created about $350 million in wealth for their employee owners.

The OEOC’s three primary areas of focus are:

  1. Employee Ownership – The OEOC educates business owners, and others, about the option available to sell the business to the employees; provides technical assistance for the enterprise to work through various issues as they explore this form of ownership; works with private sector employee-ownership professional service providers (attorneys, valuators, etc.) to properly plan and execute the transition to employee ownership; and provides ongoing training and educational programs for all levels of the organization to complete a successful transition.
  2. Succession Planning – The OEOC provides education to business owners around their various “exit” options so that they can initiate a timely and orderly ownership succession. Often times business owners learn of the option to sell their business to their employees in this process.
  3. Cooperative Development – The OEOC provides education and support in the development of a wide variety of cooperatively-owned enterprises. The OEOC has developed a noted expertise in the area of business sales/transfers to worker-owned cooperatives. The Center also works with a number of startup employee- and cooperatively-owned businesses every year.

We are funded by a wide range of sources, (including at various times) federal and state grants, private foundation grants, program and fee-for-service projects, sponsorships, and donations.

The OEOC manages Ohio's Employee-Owned Network, a network of 75 employee-owned companies, that provides multi-company training programs and customized single company training programs.  The largest annual training event for employee-owners, and others connected with employee-ownership, is the Ohio Employee Ownership Conference which takes place every April. The session draws 300 to 400 attendees from a range of groups and residents from up to 15 states.

For more information visit the Ohio Employee Ownership Center website  or contact

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Ohio Employee Ownership Center
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