Departments & Offices


Phone: 330-672-3305

Center for Student Involvement

Phone: 330-672-2480

Dean of Students

Phone: 330-672-8003

Dining Services

Phone: 330-672-2541

Division of Student Affairs

Phone: 330-672-4050

FLASHcard Office

Now located on the Lower Level
Phone: 330-672-2273

Flash Technology Center

Phone: 330-672-1595

LGBTQ Student Center

Phone: 330-672-8580

Student Multicultural Center

Phone: 330-672-3560

Undergraduate Student Government

Phone: 330-672-3207

United States Post Office

Phone: 330-672-8189

University Events & Conference Services

Phone: 330-672-3202

Westfield Campus Tour Center

Phone: 330-672-4260