Lobbies & Tables | Kent Student Center | Kent State University

Lobbies & Tables

1. General Policies (Lobby Tables)
  • Tables in the Kent Student Center first and second floor lobbies are assigned in the order in which applications received, and as long as table space is available to assure fair and equitable use of table space.  Vendors are not permitted to use first floor lobby spaces.
  • Table space can be reserved for a maximum period of five dates at any one time.  These dates may be in succession; on a one-day per week basis or randomly over the particular time period.  If lobby space is desired for more than five dates a new request for each five-date period can be made on/after the last day of each proceeding five-day period.  If the space in the specific area requested is available, it will then be reassigned for another five dates.
  • Lobby tables which require a Sales & Solicitation forms can be placed on hold for forty-eight hours to allow time for paperwork to be completed and turned in.
  • A member of the sponsoring group must be present at the table at all times.
  • Any lobby table not being utilized within one hour of the scheduled beginning event time will be subject to cancellation/re-assignment by the University Scheduling Office.
2. Audio – Visual Equipment & Sound
  • The use of sound equipment will be permitted at first and second floor lobby tables.
    (NOTE:  If volume is too loud in either area, group will be asked to turn sound down.)
  • Televisions and bulletin boards cannot be used on the first floor but are allowed at the second floor lobby tables.
  • Use of bullhorns and portable public address systems are prohibited in all indoor lobby areas.
3. Free Space and Stairs
  • The stairs may not be blocked by individuals sitting or performing on the stairs.
  • Special requests varying from this procedure should be brought before the curator. All scheduling and use of lobby space in the Kent Student Center must follow the University, state, and federal regulations and laws.
4. Sales and Solicitation Policies and Outside Vendors
  • The sale or distribution of food and ingestible products is prohibited and governed by University policies and procedures.
  • Individuals may not solicit among the general University population while on University property, unless as part of a project sponsored by a registered organization or University department.
  • Sales and solicitation is permitted inside the Kent Student Center only from behind tables, which have been previously reserved through the University Scheduling Office. Outdoor sales and solicitation is permitted providing that free flow of traffic is not impeded and the location has been properly reserved through the University Scheduling Office. Outside vendors are not permitted outdoors or in academic buildings unless as part of a university sponsored event.
  • No outside vendors, regardless of sponsorship are permitted to be on the first floor of the Kent Student Center.
  • Each outside vendor will be assessed a $250.00 dollar per table, per day, rental charge which must be paid at the time of scheduling.
    • $125.00 facility rental
    • $125.00 to sponsoring group