Have you experienced microaggressions or felt unwelcomed, disrespected or devalued in our university community? Join us at KENTtalks: Microaggressions to participate in an open dialogue and breakout session to discuss the impact of microaggressions on our campus and what we as individuals and a community can do to improve our campus climate.

KENTtalks is a series designed to promote university-wide education through civil discourse. This program will feature members of Student Diversity Action Council (SDAC) and University Stewards at the beginning of the evening. Students will discuss this topic in groups then come back together to share recommendations as their “call to action." If time permits, we would like to end the evening with a pledge to self and each other.  It is our hope that you would be willing to attend and share in the continued betterment of our campus community. We will also share a meal together with KENTtalks t-shirts for attendees. Please join us for our upcoming KENTtalks program on Thursday, October 27 from 6-8pm in the Center for Undergraduate Excellence (CUE).