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Creative Hustle: Entrepreneurial Skills for Professional Creatives


Artists are Entrepreneurs

a series of workshops all about making a living as a creative professional

You'll hear from creatives from a range of disciplines and have hands-on workshops to apply what you've learned!

Sessions are designed for all creative majors (art, design, dance, theatre, music, fashion, writing, etc.) & anyone interested in making money as an artist.

Presented by LaunchNET Kent State, the College of the Arts, and Career Exploration & Development 


Creative Hustle 2.0: Constructing a creative career

Tips, tricks, principles, & plans for creating your life in the arts


Making a living in the arts is about fitting pieces together

Learn how to put together the pieces of a successful creative career:

  • How to market yourself & your work
  • How to start an actual business
  • What you need to know to protect yourself legally
  • The financial implications of working for yourself
  • Creating an overarching theme/body of work


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Passion. Creativity. Hustle.