The Entrepreneur Life

Every Wednesday, from 2-3pm, in the LaunchNET office (2nd floor of the Library)

Javon Miller, student entrepreneur and LaunchNET Fellow, will host a discussion about the "real life" stuff of being a young entrepreneur. It's not just about your business (or business idea!), it's about your life. Speakers and discussions, activities and refreshments -- come meet other hard-working student entrepreneurs to connect and learn! 


10-2-2019 THE START UP! Idea Generation, Business Plan, Funding, Motivation, Finding Resources, Legal
10-9-2019 DEVELOPING YOUR PRODUCT & SERVICE Prototyping, Testing/Sampling, Making Adjustments, Value Propositions, Comparative Advantages, Jumping through Hoops and Crossing Red Tape
10-16-2019 HOW TO PITCH & NETWORK Creating your image, logo, slogan, website, design. Misinterpretations, vision
10-23-2019 EFFECTIVE MARKETING & ADVERTISING What is Marketing, Ways to Advertise and Types of Marketing, Real Life Struggles
10-30-2019 YOUR BRAND, YOUR DESIGN Creating your image, logo, slogan, website, design. Misinterpretations, vision
11-6-2019 SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS & LIFE Sustainable business practices. People, Profit, Planet. Sustaining your life as an entrepreneur - rest, time management, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, physical aspects of life as an entrepreneur - balancing and taking care of your wellbeing
11-13-2019 WHAT'S HOLDING YOU BACK? Motivation, Funding, Family, not knowing where to go next, fear, time, school, life, any other barriers. (Really Discussion-based)
11-20-2019 BEING OF VALUE & GIVING BACK! Strive not to be a success but to be of value to others. When you're a value to others that when you become successful, Giving back, making a difference, non-profits. Everyone will not initially see your value, so show it to them.