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Inspired to Inspire

POSTED: Apr. 25, 2019

[This blog post is a reprint from our previous blog] 

From the stellar Seth Godin:

“But what if you don’t have anything to say?

It’s difficult to find a tech solution for this problem.

It might be that instead of spending more time looking for a louder platform, you could profit from digging in and doing the hard work of figuring out the change you seek to make. If you’re unable to influence one person in a face to face meeting, all the tech in the world isn’t going to help you change a million people.” [emphasis mine]

What change do YOU seek to make?

This is a quote and question that is timely today, as I’ve been thinking about both my role and my organization’s role in the lives and businesses of our clients. And most especially, how to communicate that role to those who don’t know what we do and who we are.

Even though I tell my clients to “find their niche” and even quote Seth sometimes: “find the smallest viable audience,” and teach them how to focus on their 90-second elevator pitch, some days I find it nearly impossible to do the same for myself.

Because on any given day, I’m a:

  • coach
  • therapist
  • cheerleader
  • teacher
  • marketer
  • event planner
  • networker
  • editor
  • web designer
  • publicist
  • fireman (in the sense of putting out theoretical fires and as a rescuer of entrepreneurial “kittens” in trees)
  • administrator
  • idea person
  • logistics person
  • …and the list goes on. Most of these are in the course of a day.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job. We are a committed bunch here at LaunchNET, and we thrive on the entrepreneurial way we run our office. Mostly, we do what’s needed for our clients, whatever that is.

And while that is fulfilling (although sometimes crazy-making), it’s extremely difficult to distill into a one- or two-sentence answer to the “What do you do?” question. What makes it even more difficult is that so many of the people asking the question wouldn’t even know what I meant if I said something simple like, “We’re an incubator” (even though we’re not).

Do something radical

I have this Jen Sincero quote (from her fabulous page-a-day calendar last year) taped to my monitor, which I love:

We give a lot of lip service to the idea that anything is possible, and we all grow up with posters of kittens and baby seals on our walls that say “Follow Your Dreams” on them, but, should you actually do something radical, all the flashing lights and sirens go off.

LaunchNET is a safe haven from “the flashing lights and sirens.” We’re the place where you can bring your crazy idea that you’re staying up all night for and dumping your money into, and there aren’t lights, sirens or judgments. No matter how wacky, if this is what you want to do and you have the passion for it, we will help you figure it out.

My goal at LaunchNET is to change the idea of the lone-wolf entrepreneur, the locked-away artist, the tyranny of being “weird”… by creating a community of creative thinkers, out-of-the-box multipotentialities: or at least a place, a home, for those who feel like they’re the only ones who “lie in bed… with a million dreams keeping [them] awake” (The Greatest Showman)


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