LaunchNET Staff: Get to Know Us

LaunchNET staff get-to-know-you: Pandemic edition! 

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Zach Mikrut, LaunchNET interim director

Zach Mikrut

(he/him) interim Director 

Why LaunchNET? 

We work with the Kent State community on projects and ventures that they WANT to work on. What's better than helping entrepreneurs to map out and realize their dreams, or the pivots needed for success, be it personal or professional?

Favorite pandemic activity?

Hiking CVNP. Also, herding cats.

Best show for binge watching? 

Tabitha Messmore, LaunchNET interim assistant director

Tabitha Messmore

(she/her) interim Assistant Director 

Why LaunchNET? 

I LOVE helping our entrepreneurs with their ventures and supporting entrepreneurial thinking across the university and community. And I especially like being a teacher and coach without giving grades! :)

Favorite pandemic activity?

MarioKart with my kiddo or knitting.

Best show for binge watching? 

Schitt's Creek